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The A.M. Band

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Band/Musician Links

Bryan Gordon


Since Bryan's solo gigs have been picking up lately, he has started a website dedicated to things solely related to his solo work. Check here for a schedule of those gigs. Of course you'll still be able to see him fronting the eclectic "A.M. BAND"

Stuart Stahr


As the original drummer for The A.M. Band, Stu quickly won over audiences with his solid beat and outragous antics. He has since moved on to bigger (and better?) things, but he'll always hold a special place in our hearts. Check out his site to see what he's been up to!

Jim Haederle


Jim has been a veteran singer/keyboardist in the Westchester area for many years and most recently performs solo. In the past he played with Bryan & Bill Gordon in the "LAB RATS".  Jim supplied keyboard tracks on "Eight Hit Wonders!" by The A.M. BAND.

Other Links

Edison Lighthouse

This is the site for the ORIGINAL band that recorded "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) featuring Tony Burrows (vocals),  Stuart Edwards (guitar), and Dave Taylor (bass). It's a new site, so I'm sure we can look forward to future updates.

The Voice of Tony Burrows

Tony Burrows session singer that sang 5 really huge 70's hits... with 5 different bands! He is in the Guiness World Record Book for having the most songs on the charts at the same time under different names. This site is managed by Hiroshi Asada of Japan.

Not Lame Recordings

"Not Lame" is an independent music distributor that deals solely in "pop" music and has a very loyal clientele.  They picked up on "Eight Hit Wonders!" from DJ Alan Haber of WEBR and have done wonders selling it in a very short period of time. Thanks Bruce Bodeen & the NL team for your support!


BUHDGE is Alan Haber's website dedicated to pop culture. Alan was the first DJ to spin The A.M. Band on his radio show on WEBR in Fairfax, Virginia. BUHDGE also contains the first full review of "Eight Hit Wonders!"


Alan Haber's Pure Pop was the first radio show to play a cut from "Eight Hit Wonders!". This station is very supportive of independent music.
(WEBR also streams their shows live on the internet)


WVOX (1460 AM) is located in Harrison, NY.  DJ Dennis Nardone recently played "Sha La La La (La)" from Eight Hit Wonders! on his Sunday oldies show (12-1pm).
(WVOX also "streams" their shows live online.)