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The A.M. Band


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North County News by Martin Wilbur

Click on link to go to article published on February 15, 2005

The New York Times by Nellie Gupta
Appeared on the cover of the Westchester section September 1, 2002
(To save space this article has been edited to exclude info not directly related to The A.M. Band)
"It's nearly 1 a.m., halfway through the second set at Uncorked Bar & Grill in Mohegan Lake, and Bryan Gordon, founder and lead vocalist of The A.M. Band is in full command of the smoke-filled room. The bubble and smoke machines are churning while a colored stobe flashes rays of purple, red, yellow and green across the makeshift dance floor as three bare-legged women in denim shorts form a chorus line in front of the stage.
As Mr. Gordon launches into a spirted version of the Jackson 5 classic "Never Can Say Goodbye" the bar crowd leans in to listen. Soon even the guys at the pool tables are swaying to the beat.
Later that week, Mr. Gordon was at his day job at Carl Zeiss Inc. in Thornwood where he repairs surgical microscopes, speaking in a whisper because his voice was hoarse from two straight nights of belting out Top 20 hits from 1968-1975, which is The A.M. Band's main repetory.
"We wanted people to stop asking us to do disco" he said, explaining why the band only plays hits through 1975."
"I spend a lot of time sending out emails, pouring over Billboard Top 100 lists (from the 70's) and hunting for clothes," Mr. Gordon said. "If I had a nickel for every minute I spent on Ebay looking for bell bottoms..."

More Sugar Magazine by Gus Amador
Appeared in the December 2002 issue
"Do you remember the Grass Roots, Dawn, Bobby Sherman, BJ Thomas, Paper Lace and any of those cheesy acts of the 70's? All those songs that you didn't like when you were growing up now sound better than ever when The "A.M." Band led by Bryan Gordon perform them. I had a chance to check out one of their sets at the Iron Horse in Brewster, NY last month and let's just say that I left with a smile on my face and a severe case of the flashbacks. So if you're tired of all the cover bands doing songs that you've heard on the radio hundreds of times, then dig out your old polyester suit, platform shoes, mood ring, hot pants, corduroys and any other 70's goodies and see for yourself what I mean."